Essays & Articles


The following is a collection of personal essays and freelance writing projects from a wide range of publications.

Paper-clothed Strangers

Salon, 1997

Holding a stranger's hand during an abortion is an unforgettable experience. Jadine, is that her name? Why can't I remember her name? There is her bulk, her blues, her weariness. She reminded me of a large, scuffed suitcase that for years had been filled with other people's stuff.


The Spine Speaks

The Examined Life Journal, 2013

What happens when you have back pain that begins by feeling run-of-themill but keeps getting worse? Te pain leads you to have anxiety and depression.


A Passage to India

Insights Magazine, 2016

Two CPH students traveled to southern India to research the occupational conditions of workers who harvest tea leaves by hand. Josie Rudolphi and Maya Ramaswamy did not anticipate the leeches.


Mothers of Invention - Column

Mamazine, 2005

Last year, a friend suggested I write a column about money—about how hard it can be to make money as an artist and the things we do in order to get by. She's the single mother of two college students, and she's currently making paintings that pay the bills. They're not the paintings she wants to be doing, nor are they her best work, in her mind, but people like them. She's creatively coasting.


Knight Errant Come to Campus

Iowa Now, 2015

This fall, University of Iowa students are discovering the charms of an aged knight-errant, his earthy sidekick, and a cast of colorful characters.


Raising Money, Raising Consciousness

Rethinking Schools, 2007

My daughter came home from her third week of kindergarten and announced that her entire school had met that afternoon, "Even the big kids."