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Hello! I am Jennifer New — author and writer, yogi and somatic guide, mother, university administrator, facilitator, K12 education transformer, frustrated home owner, and gratitude practitioner.

I have spent much time steeped in the worlds of education, yoga and somatic exploration, mothering, and community building. My recent formal education has been in yoga (500 YTT) and trauma-informed modalities (TRE), modes of facilitation, and writing. I was schooled in K-12 education (teaching certificate) and American literary history (M.A.).

As the associate director of an interdisciplinary academic research center at the University of Iowa, I have helped to start nationally-recognized programs and served as the primary point person for faculty and graduate students interested in public engagement.

I am the author of three books, loads of articles, a bevy of annual reports, and hundreds of blog posts. I write to think my way out of a shambles AND I write to create change.

I get excited when I have the chance to facilitate conversations, meetings, retreats, and workshops. Using art, theatre, movement, and writing, I believe there are unexpected ways to unearth knowledge in any room.

I am a lousy meditator but I still do it. Every day.

I am convinced that of all of the strings in the gnarled tangle of this world, education is the one to tug on because it can ultimately untangle the others. I am involved in multiple collaborative projects that are dedicated to reimagining education.

I believe in our national parks and in the healing power of standing in front of the ocean or sitting on a stone overlooking a valley.

I am at my best when I’m part of a lively container of fellow travelers but have plenty of leeway to be myself. Collaboration is where it’s at!

I know what darkness feels like and I honor yours.
I am convinced by the power of a home-cooked meal.

My strengths are Strategic, Connectedness, Intellection, Empathy, and Input. I am an INFJ.